Loft Insulation Top-up Service

Did you know that a large proportion of UK homes still have inadequate loft insulation?
Are you one of them?

Things you need to know about insulating your loft space

Heat rises, and in a home with just half of todays recommended levels of insulation a quarter of your heat is lost through the roof.
Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to save that waste and reduce your heating bill.
Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years, and it will pay for itself over and over again in that time.
If your loft is already insulated, it's worth checking that you've got enough insulation to get the maximum saving. If everyone in the UK installed 270mm loft insulation, we could save nearly £210 million and almost 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking nearly 364,000 cars off the road.
Installing 270mm of loft insulation will save the average household around £187 a year.  (Estimates taken from Energy Saving Trust website).

As part of our loft boarding packages we do loft insulation from as little as £5.06 a square metre for 100mm and £8.90 a square metre for 200mm supplied and installed. Please note: we can only supply and install insulation at these prices as part of a loft boarding package, we do not just install loft insulation.
Storing items in your loft incorrectly can compromise the efficiency of your loft insulation. Putting boxes and suitcase away in your loft directly on to your insulation will start to cost you more money on your heating bills because you are effectively making it impossible to breath and circulate air through the fibres.
Wool fibre type loft insulation must not be compressed so air can circulate through it to be at it most effective.
Boarding directly on to insulation or squashing it down in between your joists will also reduce it's efficiency considerably.

So you want to add more insulation and use your loft for storage? There are now specialist products that allow you to create a raised loft storage floor consisting of sturdy tri and uni support 270mm legs which support a metal cross beam section that allows you to board on to without compromising your insulation.
Loft safety is very important, accidents can happen and helping prevent them especially in lofts is very important. The most common accidents in lofts are falling through the ceiling and falling down the loft hatch opening.  
In both cases we can help prevent this from happening by installing good quality strong flooring in the areas you want to access and install a rail or balustrade around the opening of the hatch to stop anyone from walking backwards or stumbling toward the loft hatch. It's a long way down and could be quite nasty so its worth considering installing a safety balustrade or railing.  
We can make and install simple wooden balustrades or we can install universal metal rail versions which simply install to your loft joists or flooring. If you need a helping hand getting in to your loft why not have installed a hand grab rail to assist your balance when climbing the ladder in to the loft area.
We can also create a safety balustrade around the edge of the boarding to prevent stepping off the safe boarded area on to the plaster board ceiling.

Contractor Safety Work Access

We often get asked to create a working platform, stage or walkway for any contractors who may need to access your loft to work on Boilers, Solar panel equipment, TV or networking equipment, pipe work or electric cables.

Did you know? A contractor can refuse to do this work if there is no safe area to walk on or if the access to your loft is bad.
We can help provide easy safe access to your equipment in your loft by providing what is recommend for working at height safety requirements.
A suitable loft hatch / opening must be provided of regulation size (726mm x 566mm) to allow a person and a secured ladder to pass through without any obstruction
A strong purpose built stow away aluminium ladder must be fixed in place with lockable sections when pulled down to use.
A safety rail must be provided to surround the hatch to protect anyone falling down the loft opening from inside the loft by walking backwards or stumbling towards the opening.
A secure purpose built platform must be provided to allow a safe walkway and to surround the apparatus / equipment to be maintained.
Several working areas can be provided which are accessed off the main walkway. Adequate fixed lighting must be installed correctly and be installed in accordance with IEE wiring regulations and comply with building regulation Part P (The light must be fixed and a switch must be placed in a safe but easy to reach location from the loft opening)

The walkway / boarding must be constructed by using a raised sub-frame system to avoid compression of any existing loft insulation.
Any insulation compression will diminish the effectiveness of the insulation considerably.

We can install a simple light bulb and pull switch so you can immediately switch on the light before stepping off your ladder, no point having a switch further inside where you cant see to switch it on. We install as standard only energy efficient LED bulbs or tube fittings. The choice is yours, the cost is not too great between them and it really depends on how big of an area is boarded in your loft.

We recommend 1 bulb per 14ft (4.5m) or 1 tube per 24ft (7.3m). When going for lighting the modern way to chose is by Lumens not watts. The more lumens then more light. Lumens are to light what litres are to milk.