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The UK's Only Approved Loft Storage System For New Houses

The LoftZone Raised Loft Storage System
It's Perfect For New Build Houses

UK Loft Boarding Ltd are the only LoftZone factory approved company in the North of England. This system, when installed will allow your loft to keep its insulation level high and for your home to remain energy efficient.

At UK Loft Boarding Ltd we specialise in installing only energy efficient raised loft storage solutions

Enables compliance with Part L building regulations. This system has won many awards over the years including winning ideal inventor at the Ideal Home Show. The LoftZone raised loft floor is lightweight, low cost, quick to have installed and provides a very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to save energy and cut fuel bills as intended.

LoftZone BBA Approved

How can I use my insulated loft for storage?

The most cost effective and simplest solution to the very common problem of storing items in a fully-insulated loft is to install a raised floor above the insulation. 

The LoftZone raised floor system protects the insulation underneath it and allows for very important airflow to reduce the risk of damp and mould forming, and provides a strong floor for safe access or storage, you can walk on it and store on it.

In most cases, depending on how, it can be installed in just a day with minimal disruption to your home by our very own qualified and factory approved LoftZone installers.


Build above the insulation No need to squash the insulations to install this system

Why it's important to insulate your loft

Most people know it is important to insulate your loft, because if you don't, 25% of your heating bills go out through your roof. The Government recommends that everyone insulates to a depth of 270mm if they use rolls of mineral wool insulation (this is the fluffy stuff you see in most DIY stores, and is the most cost-effective solution). It's cheap and relatively simple to do this, it will pay for itself rapidly, and it will help you to feel warmer in the winter and cooler at night in the summer. 

Millions of people in the UK haven't yet insulated their lofts to 270mm, and the two main reasons for this are the need for storage and safe access.

Now we have the solution for this, you can have loft storage and still effectively insulate your loft.

I want to insulate my loft, but what can I do with all my stuff up there?

You're not alone - the vast majority of UK households use their lofts for storage. But the extra insulation required to cut fuel bills and save energy makes it very difficult to use the loft space for storage. Many people put boxes on top of the insulation or, even worse, put boards down on top of the joists. This is a major no-no as, in both cases, the insulation gets compressed. Squashed insulation doesn't perform very well! The mineral wool loft insulation works because of the air trapped inside the insulation and if you compress it, the air gets squeezed out, making it much less effective.

The only way to use a loft with the full 270mm of insulation for storage is to install a raised loft floor above the insulation. This is a low cost but essential addition if you want to store items in your loft and get the full benefit of your insulation. The LoftZone raised loft floor is the only system to do this which is cheap, easy to install and safe.


Safe access to your loft storage space is very important

Safety and safe access to your loft

How can I make my insulated loft safe to walk on? Another common problem with a fully-insulated loft is how to then safely access items stored or installed up there. It is not just your possessions you'll want to access: water tanks, boilers, solar inverters all require maintenance from time to time. But, once you have 270mm of insulation, you can no longer see the loft trusses and joists which means it is hard to safely walk or crawl in the loft: one wrong step and you could put your foot through the ceiling!

Adding an area of raised loft flooring provides a safe and convenient way for homeowners, engineers and surveyors to access items in their insulated loft.


What's the solution?

The cheapest and simplest solution to the very common problem of storing items in a fully-insulated loft is to install a raised floor above the insulation. The LoftZone raised loft floor is a lightweight, low cost, easy-to-install and very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to save energy and cut fuel bills as intended. 

The combined cost of insulation, the LoftZone raised loft floor and loft flooring panels is still cheaper than the only other safe solution which is to lay rigid foam insulation on the loft floor and board above that. There is also no need to spend time cutting the foam to size nor worry about leaving air gaps. 

Other products to raise the height of the loft floor don't work as well because loft joists are not evenly spaced, which means it can be difficult to secure the loft boards firmly on to them. Only the LoftZone system has an adjustable beam which means that you can safely screw the boards down on to them, regardless of joist spacing. The beam also allows you to bridge over any obstructions in the loft too. 

Consumer Survey

Eco Answers, in partnership with The Carbon Trust have carried out an extensive consumer survey of the need for a raised loft floor.

There were 6,000 participants and the highlights include:

  • 82% use loft for storage
  • 78% greater than half full
  • 76% say loft storage is important or essential
  • 65% have fully or partially boarded their loft
  • 65% would consider having a raised loft flooring system
  • Only 15% understood that boarding over existing insulation damages it

    These problems are common and widespread.

Renewable Energy Installations

Renewable energy systems such as solar PV, solar hot water and heat recovery systems require equipment to be located in the loft space such as inverters, trunking and header tanks.

These all require safe access to the loft for both installation and maintenance. The RLFS will assist with this problem and could be viewed as an enabling technology opening up the loft space for these beneficial uses.

So how can I get this installed in my loft?

LoftZone Manufacturer Approved Installers
LoftZone installer network covers 90% of England.
New Build Loft Boarding are the main Northern factory approved installer (a UK Loft Boarding Ltd Company). All you have to do is call our office on 0800 8799967 to arrange a FREE no obligation survey to determine your exact requirements and provide you with an immediate fixed price quote. 
If you are satisfied with the price and requirements we can arrange for a certified and approved LoftZone installer to come and install your raised loft floor system and boarding along with your other requirements e.g. ladder, hatch, light, top-up insulation, safety rails etc.

You get a 10 year guarantee on everything we install along with our commercial PLI insurance so you have complete peace of mind your are dealing with a professional top quality company.
Any size of loft can be done as this system is modular so we put it all together on site to fit your loft space.
In most case, depending on how much boarding you require, it can take just 1 day to install and with minimal disruption to your home.

If you require a quote for your LoftZone raised loft floor requirements simple call us on our
central enquiries number for the North of England / Scottish Border and surrounding areas 08008799967 or You can e-mail us by clicking here